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Well Water Testing for Mortgage Loan Lending Requirements

Specializing in FHA, VA or USDA/Rural Guarantee

Rush Results in 48-72 Hrs.

Basic  bacteria water quality testing for VA Loans or FHA Loans & USDA Loanscan be expedited to complete within 2-3 days! Your lender or mortgage company requires a disinterested 3rd party professional to take and test your sample. VA, FHA, USDA, 203K, or Conventional home loans always recommend you test your well water before closing & then yearly.  Call us to consult on your water test needs!

Municipal Drinking Water Testing for health concerns or when buying a home during Due Diligence Inspection period.

We now have a test for PFAS the forever chemical!

Do you have concerns about your public water or county water quality testing? Contrary to popular belief most believe there can't be any issues with their water because the municipal authorities in charge will ensure the water is treated cleaned and tested on a regular basis. Their testing is not all conclusive. Not to mention there are toxins that are in our water that cannot be removed or caused by your lead pipes. Call us to schedule your water test!

Lake or Pond, Private Water Well or Community Well Testing for Health Concerns.

Especially if your garden or grow operation is counting on good water to grow big healthy & strong plants!

We test water for community or private wells, spring-fed wells, crock wells, deep aquafer-fed wells, springs, streams, lakes, and ponds...

Your fee all depends on which you need to test for and there are hundreds. Call for a menu and personal quote for your water test needs.




The Forever Chemical poisoning our world for more than 50 years!  See EPA announcement & more below

Types of Water Testing for drinking swimming health or environmental concerns

  • Bacteria Only (total coliform & fecal E. Coli)
  • FHA VA or USDA Testing Minimum Standards Test to satisfy H.U.D. underwriting guidelines
  • Home Purchase Water Test Due Diligence Period
  • Personal Water Test for Health Concerns
  • Lake or Pond Water Environmental Testing
  • Shared Well Water Testing



  • Full Service fee will include trip fee, sample collection, consultation, delivery to lab if needed, lab/setup test fees, test results/paperwork emailed, after consultation.
  • As a bonus if needed we will measure distance from well to septic.  If septic cannot be located there is no rebate because it is a free bonus.  We can also do GPM if needed as a bonus.  Please let us know if this is needed by the mortgage company. If not, you save $
  • If we do in house on your bacteria water testing your pricing will be about less & be much quicker for results.

Bacteria Only

In house Total Coliform and Fecal E. Coli Only $195-295 depending on location

Basic Water Test, Required by Lender for all FHA VA USDA Loans

Bacteria: Total coliform, E. Coli (there should be no coliform bacteria in the sample, known to cause illness).
Mineral Chemistry: Iron (brown stains, bitter taste), Lead (a toxic metal from plumbing components), PH (acid/basic determination), Turbidity (presence of particles/measure of cloudiness), Nitrate as Nitrogen (indicator of biological waste) Nitrite as Nitrogen (indicator of waste), Total Nitrate/Nitrite Nitrogen (total nitrate and total nitrite).
Highly recommend added arsenic for Michigan $345-$445. depending on area/services needed

Standard Water Test

Bacteria above plus: Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, alkalinity, chloride, chlorine, color, conductivity, hardness, nitrate, odor, ph, sedment, tds, sulfate, turbidity, lead, arsenic, ammonia, nitrites. $395-$495. depending on area/services needed

Comprehensive Well Water Test

(PUBLIC OR PRIVATE WATER) Well water or public water test. Highly recommend at least this water test for your public water. Municipal water test reports find many biproducts of oil, gas, and other cleaning chemicals or spills in your municipal or county water supply. Keep in mind, they have not changed the acceptable limits or added many new contaminents of concern to be tested in over 50 years! So, with no real conclusive water quality testing done on your water do you really KNOW what you are drinking? Definitely not. See what we test for here on the menu


THE FOREVER CHEMICAL IN OUR DRINKING WATER? Today, every baby that comes in the world has teflon chemicals in their system. Teflon builds up over time in our bodies and causes major health issues. Highly recommend the movie about this chemical that has poisoned our world for over 50 years! It's called "The Devil We Know". Here is the trailer. Test your water to find out, call today to test for PFAS.


Add-Ons are welcome & offered for hundreds of contaminants, minerals, microbiological, inorganics, heavy metals, radiological, herbicides & more! Call for your personal quote! Arsenic test add-on is highly recommend in Michigan since tests have shown high contamination levels especially thruout certain counties. Lead, Arsenic & Radon in Water is Highly Recommended! We also offer DIY Test Kits for Radon in Air Testing only $75 each including lab fee as add-on!


Contact us today to learn more about our services or if you have any questions.