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We are always striving to serve our clients to the best of our abilities!

The following testimonials can also be viewed on Google & Yelp.

Joelle Schaefer.  Google Review

From the moment I called about the concerns in my homes air quality Jodi was able to help me every step of the way. My issues were taken care of very promptly and Rich and Jodi were able to help answer all of my questions and give great recommendations. They went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend and trust them to take care of your home needs.

Michelle Minarik.  Google Review

Rich and Jodi went above and beyond. Extremely knowledgeable and did exactly what they said they would in a timely manner. Even though the job is completed, they are still following up with me to assist with removing trash from my mom’s garage. Exceptional job and would highly recommend!

Jodi Steele.  Google Review

Jodi was so helpful and took the time to listen to our concerns. She made the same day appointment with us and took the tests we discussed and had the results as quickly as she said she would. I would highly recommend Jodi and her company. Top notch professionalism by far. Thank you Jodi

Stephanie Gillon.  Google Review

Jodi was awesome at explaining everything regarding getting our water tested! She even came out the day i called to set something up. I will definitely be recommending Michigan air and water testing!

Kelly Currie.  Google Review

I'm a Realtor® and needed a company I could trust to take care of my seller clients. They came right away to help and were professional and clean.

Deshawnna Curry.  Google Review

Five star review

Austin (FredWallRacing).  Google Review

Great experience with using them for a home inspection. Will use again.

Carol Craven.  Google Review

Our experience with Michigan Air & Water testing was exceptional. Jodi was very personable yet professional. She got us out of a time crunch and gave us a military Veterans discount. We highly recommend the company and personally, Jodi.

Jessica Soditch.  Google Review

Jodi is fantastic. I thought the price for the testing was extremely fair and she tried to accommodate my schedule and offered to meet outside of regular business hours. After the test, it took just a few days for the report to come back. She emailed the report and her suggestions. The report was very detailed and explained the types of molds found. Her email was insightful because she had recommendations as to what should be done next. Because of her help, my apartment complex was forced to deal with the mold in the vents. I hope I would not need these services again, but if I do, Jodi is my #1 choice and I would recommend her to anyone who has concerns about their home.

Jorge B.  Yelp Review

I definitely recommend this company if you are questioning mold, mildew, or air quality in your house.  They were very thorough, and even when testing all came back acceptable, offered to come back out for free to check a few more things that could be problematic.  I felt very confident in their knowledge and expertise.  They were also very friendly and professional.

Doris Cunningham, Doodle Bugs Daycare LLC.  Google Review

Finally found a reputable water testing company for my business. Our tests had to be a first draw (which means at least 6 hours without running the water) and we open at 5:30 a.m. Someone was there at 5:15 to draw the water. So very nice and professional. Fast turn around. Can’t say enough positive things about them. Thank you Michigan Air & water.

Joni Shore.   Google Review

Jodi was great to work with. She was able to help me on short notice. She was thorough and the results came back very quickly. Her follow up and communication was first class.

Belinda R.  Yelp Review 

We contacted several companies to request a quote for the mold problem we were had at our church facility.  Michigan Air & Water Testing responded promptly.  They provided us with clear explanations of options so we could make the best decision considering our circumstances.   They were very professional and provided excellent service.  They were very pleasant and approachable before, during, and after the process. Their cost was reasonable.  They were very effective in resolving our mold problem.  We would highly recommend them.

Rebecca Nash.  Google Review

I'm so happy that I found this company! Our boys had been having health issues for a couple months. When our youngest was 4 months old, he contracted whooping cough. When he just kept getting worse, we were told he had asthma and he was prescribed a nebulizer and steroids. Our 2 year-old had always had a runny nose. I equated it to normal allergies, as did the doctor. After a few months, they weren't getting better. FINALLY, it dawned on me that the "sick season" did cause health complications, but they were being exacerbated by environmental factors. Sure enough, we found some black mold in the wood casing of our 90 gallon fish tank. We threw it out, aired the house out, but didn't feel comfortable staying in the house until the air quality level was checked. I found this business and I think Jodi recognized the voice of a frantic, exhausted mother. She came to my house that same day, performed an air quality check and ensured a 24 hour turn around time for the results. We're in our mid-20's and I'm a full-time student about to graduate so funds are very, very tight. Jodi worked something out with us because of our situation. I was so impressed by her prompt, genuine service. She treated our interactions not as a business transaction, but as one mother helping out another. As it turns out, we did have some indoor air pollution. My boyfriend, the boys' father, works cement and neither of us realized the hazardous impact the dirt/dust from his work clothes was having on our air quality. We thought it was just dry in our house because of the time of year and we were puzzled when even a cool mist humidifier didn't make anything better. Jodi certainly opened my eyes to how detrimental indoor air pollution can really be and how it's not something a lot of people give much thought to, especially young couples like ourselves. We are aware and extremely cautious now. We bought an air purifier and our children are in excellent health, no asthma, no allergies, nothing like that. I'm so happy that we discovered what was going on and that Jodi was there to assist in the process. I would recommend this business to anyone who thinks they might need it!

Kristin Suryan.  Google Review

Jodi was very knowledgeable and attentive. She made the process very easy and we had the results super quick. Never can be too careful when it comes to your family's safety? For peace of mind knowing your water and air quality is priceless. Along with having someone trustworthy and reliable performing them. 5 stars all day. One happy customer.

Joe Hagerty.  Google Review

Their customer service was beyond expectation, and extremely prompt. They gave more info than we even thought to ask, and treated us as family. They were truly concerned for our health and I would recommend them to anyone!! Also, they didn’t try to push tests on us we didn’t need. They truly only wanted us to get what we needed and spent time listening to our situation.

Suzanne Pierce.  Google Review

My husband and I recently built a home and needed our well tested. I called Jodi and she immediately made me feel like I was I good hands. She came out promptly on the appointment day and was very friendly and explained the whole process while conducting the testing. We received the report via email on schedule and confirmed our suspicions on high iron levels and we also found out arsenic is above approved levels. I would highly recommend this company. Very professional and reliable.

Latina Roggero.  Google Review

Very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable service. I received immediate results and I was seen on short notice. I will definitely call Jody and use her service in the future. I highly recommend using this company.

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